Fabian and Santiago's Baptism

A baptism is such a special part of any family's life. Tessa and Tezzy were so excited to do something a bit different and throw a gorgeous event at Downtown Salt Lake City's The Leonardo Museum in May 2017. The venue itself was an incredible choice, with flowing spatial energy and beautiful views of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  


It was an incredible evening that included family members who came from out of state to be a part of the memorable event, which they won't soon forget. As a DJ, this is something I work to understand, not just what the event is, but who will attend, where are they coming from, will they be the primary group dancing, the flow of the evening, etc.

Tessa and Tezzy utilized The Leonardo's event planner to support the coordination, a photographer, to capture the memories, and myself, the DJ, to help create the ambiance for the evening. Many opt to plan events themselves, but when used correctly your vendors can become a great group to help bring your event to life. 

The most important thing was that the babies enjoyed the party and they have some seriously beautiful memories to look back on. I was so happy to be a part of this special family's life, glad i could help enhance it. 

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